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Electronic Logging Device mandate proposal clears White House, paving way for publication
Commercial Carrier Journal, March 12, 2014
After more than seven months in waiting, the proposed rule mandating Electronic Logging Devices has cleared the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, likely paving the way for a Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to be published by the end of the month...[More]
EPA Adding Reefers, Test Methods to SmartWay Program
Heavy Duty Trucking, March 12, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency is making changes in its voluntary SmartWay program, including adding refrigerated trailers and accepting more testing methods from suppliers who want to get their fuel-saving technologies verified by the agency...[More]
Technology Could Reduce Costs, Increase Safety, Volvo Says
Transport Topics, March 10, 2014
Developing technologies will continue to reshape the trucking industry through reduced maintenance costs, increased safety due to lower driver fatigue and higher fuel efficiency, a Volvo Group official said here during a presentation at Heavy Duty Dialogue...[More]
DOT Inspector General audit points out more shortcomings in CSA
Commercial Carrier Journal, March 10, 2014
A DOT audit has determined that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must be more careful about its collection, management and analysis of data, or the federal trucking regulator “will be hindered in its ability to effectively implement CSA nationwide and address the key concerns of industry stakeholders.”...[More]
Traffic Congestion Grows 6% in 2013
Transport Topics, March 6, 2014
Highway traffic congestion in the United States grew 6% in 2013 compared with the previous year, more than three times the rate of inflation, according to traffic tracking firm Inrix Inc...[More]
Cargo theft numbers high in 2013, threat level remains high, FreightWatch says
Commercial Carrier Journal, March 5, 2014
The number of cargo thefts recorded in 2013 tied 2012's all-time high of 951, according to an annual report released by FreightWatch International this week, who also said in the report that better organization and innovation by thieves continues to push the threat of cargo theft higher...[More]
EPA Budget Would Cut Truck Emission-Reduction Program
Transport Topics, March 5, 2014
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal calls for eliminating funding for a popular program that since 2008 has helped truckers buy equipment to reduce diesel emissions, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said last week...[More]
How Big Data Is Changing Long-Haul Trucking
Forbes, March 5, 2014
On a long stretch of highway, a semi-trailer sends a message to a trucking company that the truck’s refrigeration unit is warming up. Before the temperature in the trailer has a chance to affect the product being transported, the company notifies the truck driver of where to get it fixed, keeping the truck’s contents from being ruined...[More]
FedEx presses Congress for 33-ft. twin trailers
Fleet Owner, February 27, 2014
Increasing the national standard for twin trailers to 33 ft. from the existing 28 ft. would allow carriers to absorb up to 18% of future freight growth without any change in gross vehicle weight or additional miles traveled on roadways, the chief executive officer of FedEx Ground told a Congressional subcommittee Feb. 27...[More]
Two strikes, you’re out: how to change driver behavior with critical event data
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 27, 2014
Anxiety. It’s that desperate, defenseless feeling motorists get when the large truck in their rear-view mirror suddenly appears larger than life...[More]
Maryland bill would address crashes from distracted driving
The Trucker, February 27, 2014
A measure in Maryland would make it a misdemeanor to cause accidents resulting in serious injury, if the driver at fault was talking on a cellphone...[More]
Obama outlines $300 billion, 4-year infrastructure plan
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 26, 2014
Calling for bipartisan support of transportation infrastructure investment, President Obama on Wednesday proposed a 4-year, $302 billion plan that would both shore-up the failing highway trust fund and increase federal spending...[More]
Digging deeper into highway fatality numbers
Fleet Owner, February 25, 2014
A series of back-and-forth shifts in highway fatality rates over the last several years is highlighting, to a degree, the inverse impact of weather conditions on crash risk as well as concerns that the effect of distractive driving on fatality rates may be underreported...[More]
Both Sides of Truck Weight, Size Fight Gear Up for Next Battle
Journal of Commerce, February 25, 2014
The next battle in the ongoing fight over increasing truck weight and size is on the horizon, as the House and Senate begin work on the next federal surface transportation bill...[More]
TRB Webinar: Accommodating Large Trucks and Oversize Loads at Roundabouts: Concerns and Some Solutions
TRB E-Newsletter, February 24, 2014
TRB will conduct a webinar on March 7, 2014, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm ET that will address concerns and possible solutions pertaining to large trucks and oversize/overweight trucks (OSOW) traversing roundabouts...[More]
House Panel to Hold Freight, Highway Bill Events
Transport Topics, February 21, 2014
The House highways and transit subcommittee will hold a public hearing and a roundtable discussion next week to examine freight needs and the transportation authorization bill Congress is scheduled to write this year...[More]
Spec’ing trucks to prevent cargo theft
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 21, 2014
Beyond employee education, preventive spec’ing of both power units and trailers is critical...[More]
FMCSA publishes proposed driver clearinghouse rule, accepting comment until April 21
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 20, 2014
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published Feb. 20 a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that when made final will establish a database of drivers who have failed or refused to take a drug or alcohol test...[More]
Port of Virginia Launches Motor Carrier Task Force to Address Delays
Heavy Duty Trucking, February 20, 2014
The Port of Virginia has announced the formation of the Motor Carrier Task Force to focus on issues at the state-controlled marine terminals that are affecting the ability of truck drivers to efficiently move cargo in and out of the terminals...[More]
Looming natural gas measurement proposal a setback for CNG/LNG adoption?
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 19, 2014
The natural gas vehicle steering committee for the National Conference of Weights and Measures is preparing a recommendation that could change the way compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas is priced and dispensed at the pump...[More]
Canada Moves Toward Mandatory eManifest for Truckers
Transport Topics, February 19, 2014
The Canada Border Services Agency moved closer last week to implementation of its mandatory eManifest reporting requirements for truckers hauling goods into that country...[More]
Obama to Seek New Truck Efficiency, GHG Rules
Transport Topics, February 18, 2014
President Obama will direct his staff to work on a new set of fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, the White House said...[More]
FMCSA’s Advanced System Utilizing a Data Acquisition System on Highways (FAST DASH) Safety Technology Evaluation Project #1: Blindspot Warning
TRB E-Newsletter, February 18, 2014
The U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released a report that discusses an evaluation of promising safety technologies aimed at improving commercial motor vehicle operations...[More]
Truckers Can Now Use Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass at 7 Utah Sites
Heavy Duty Trucking, February 17, 2014
Drivewyze and the Utah Department of Transportation Motor Carriers Division announced that Utah has become the 20th state to offer the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service...[More]
CBreaking the bottlenecks of driver recruiting with technology
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 14, 2014
Drivers might be surprised at how quickly their phones will ring after submitting job applications to the Celadon Group online...[More]
Detention time, New Entrant testing, changing driver pay top FMCSA considerations for highway bill
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 12, 2014
An advisory committee to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has prioritized 38 items for the agency to consider pitching to Congress to be included in the next highway reauthorization bill, technically due Oct. 1, though Congress could choose to simply extend MAP-21 while work continues on a larger bill...[More]
Crash figures and their relationship to the economy and FMCSA’s effectiveness
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 11, 2014
As a sidebar to the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee’s meeting to discuss inclusions for the next highway bill and recommendations that will be made to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, agency Analysis Division Chief Bill Bannister presented arguments in a case for FMCSA’s effectiveness in reducing crashes...[More]
Changes to CSA, reforming driver pay, hair drug testing key topics at FMCSA committee meeting
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 11, 2014
Industry stakeholders argued Monday, Feb. 10, that the next highway bill should include reviews of current trucking regulations — especially those that don’t correlate to carrier safety, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program — along with changing driver pay to repeal some exemptions of labor laws...[More]
Assessment of the Effectiveness of Advanced Collision Avoidance Technologies
TRB E-Newsletter, February 11, 2014
The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has released a report that describes the current state of knowledge regarding the effectiveness of advanced collision-avoidance technologies and presents an assessment of their effects on traffic safety...[More]
Electronic Logging Device rule now projected for Feb. 27, drug and alcohol clearinghouse this week
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 10, 2014
In its monthly update on significant rulemakings, the Department of Transportation has again revised the projected date of publication for a rule mandating Electronic Logging Devices (also known as Electronic Onboard Recorders) for all drivers subject to keeping records of duty status, backing it up this time to Feb. 27...[More]
Storms Reveal Costly Supply Chain Faults, 3PL Warns
Journal of Commerce, February 7, 2014
Shippers and freight transport operators must move quickly to strengthen supply chains disrupted by this winter’s severe weather, or face more disruption, equipment shortages and higher costs in the future, a logistics executive warns...[More]
Report: More fuel efficient trucks would be economic boon, help consumers
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 6, 2014
Increasing the fuel efficiency of trucks would lead to lower transportation costs — and thereby lower cost of goods — and save consumers hundreds of dollars a year, this according to a report released this week by the Consumer Federation of America...[More]
Illinois Trucking Association Asks IDOT to Reduce Speed Limits
Heavy Duty Trucking, February 6, 2014
The Illinois Trucking Association is calling on the Illinois Department of Transportation to reduce speed limits for automobiles in the state where the department has created a 15 mph differential between car speed limits and truck speed limits...[More]
Q1 Outlook: Spring fever for trucking
Fleet Owner, February 6, 2014
Even as winter keeps an icy grip on much of the nation, there are sure signs that trucking in the first quarter will be truly Spring-like...[More]
Crunching the numbers: How to do the math on aerodynamic device savings
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 5, 2014
Watching the nation’s roadways these days, it’s obvious that a growing number of tractor-trailers now have aerodynamic devices to help control fuel costs...[More]
Small change in fuel surcharge formula can yield big savings for truckload shippers, survey finds
DC Velocity, February 4, 2014
What can you get for a penny nowadays? If you're a big truckload shipper, how about $6 million a year in fuel surcharge savings?...[More]
DOT to require vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices in light vehicles, regs could loom for trucks
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 4, 2014
Regulations are coming that will require manufacturers of light vehicles to place vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices in new cars and trucks, the Department of Transportation announced this week, though the date of such a requirement was not announced...[More]
Freight Operations 2013
TRB E-Newsletter, February 4, 2014
TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2379 consists of 11 articles that explore freight operations...[More]
GAO report criticizes CSA scoring, calls for changes
Commercial Carrier Journal, February 4, 2014
The DOT system used to score and compare motor carrier safety records is flawed and particularly unfair to small carriers, an independent government watchdog agency has concluded...[More]
Use of GPS technology cuts costs for fleets
Fleet Owner, January 31, 2014
A broad survey of 508 fleet operations across the U.S. regarding their use of mobile resource management (MRM) systems finds that, of those using such technology, a significant majority are not only satisfied with the service they’re receiving but that they are recouping their investment via a wide array of savings such as improved fuel economy, reductions in vehicle idle time, etc...[More]
2013: The year driver pay changed forever?
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 31, 2014
National Transportation Institute CEO Gordon Klemp set out to answer the question in his general-session presentation to attendees of the ACS/TCA Recruitment and Retention Conference Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, in Nashville, Tenn...[More]
More than distance: the evolution of truck routing technology
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 30, 2014
“Static” is the word John White uses to describe truck routing before the technology in the office and in the cab could match the reality on the ground — where the rubber meets the road...[More]
Field Study Proving Benefit of Restart Rule Draws Criticism
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 30, 2014
A field test of the 34-hour restart provision of the new hours of service rule shows that the restrictions improve safety...[More]
HOS Study Proves Benefits of New Restart Restrictions, FMCSA Says
Transport Topics, January 30, 2014
A new study found that the restart provision in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration‘s current hours-of-service rule is more effective at combating fatigue than the prior hours rule, the agency said...[More]
Tips For Keeping Your Truck Operational In Extreme Cold
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 24, 2014
The recent extreme cold experienced by whole parts of the nation has put an increased burden on trucks and truckers...[More]
Regulations, collaboration and technology focus of truck dealers' convention
Truck News, January 24, 2014
Truck dealers and fleet managers must work more closely together, according to American Trucking Associations chairman Philip Byrd, who spoke this weekend at the American Truck Dealers convention...[More]
Updates Await eManifest System at Canadian Border
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 23, 2014
Buckle up, because the Canada Border Services Agency is changing its commercial border processes...[More]
Trucks on the grid: Could rail tech from Europe transform U.S. trucking?
ETrucker, January 23, 2014
Alternative fuel vehicles are all the rage these days, and interest in their possibilities for commercial vehicles has not diminished even as prices for traditional fuels continue to fall...[More]
Audit Says New York DOT Not Doing Enough About Truck Safety
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 23, 2014
The New York state Department of Transportation is not adequately monitoring whether commercial carriers whose vehicles or drivers have been taken off the road because of violations are making needed repairs or corrections, potentially putting the public at risk, according to a new audit released by New York’s comptroller...[More]
Tonnage sees best year in 2013 since late ’90s following December increase
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 22, 2014
Truck tonnage in 2013 increased 6.2 percent over 2012, driven by a surge in November and a small bump in December, making the year the best for tonnage since 1998, says the American Trucking Associations, who released its monthly For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index this week...[More]
Safety inspections after traffic stops are plummeting
Fleet Owner, January 21, 2014
Motor carrier inspections resulting from traffic stops are about four times as effective in reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities than roadside inspections (RIs) at fixed facilities, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, but the number of traffic enforcement (TE) inspections has plunged to barely more than half their level five years ago...[More]
Carriers continue to evaluate HOS impact; entry-level drivers to be sought
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 21, 2014
With the changes in hours-of-service rules impacting productivity, carriers are expecting driver wages to climb and more entry-level drivers are going to be recruited, according to Transport Capital Partners’ fourth-quarter survey results...[More]
NACFE report lays out 6x2 axle advantages and drawbacks
Fleet Owner, January 21, 2014
An exhaustive review of 10 different data sets in a new report issued by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) this week finds that a 6x2 axle configuration can on average improve Class 8 sleeper tractor fuel economy by 2.5% versus a traditional 6x4 setup, with a 20 month payback period required to offset the higher initial cost of the 6x2 package...[More]
Propane Haulers Ask for Regional HOS Exemptions
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 17, 2014
In a letter to U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, the National Propane Gas Association on Wednesday called on him to grant regional exemptions from federal hours of service regulations for the Midwest and Eastern parts of the U.S., to relieve what the group says is "pressure on the current propane distribution network."...[More]
New carrier testing: Agency hears feedback from industry, trade groups for rulemaking
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 15, 2014
Representatives from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration held a listening session in Nashville Jan. 13 to hear input from industry stakeholders as to how the agency should proceed with its new entrant testing rule it’s crafting, as mandated by the MAP-21 highway funding act enacted in the summer of 2012...[More]
Freight Shippers Want Predictability, Researchers Say
Transport Topics, January 15, 2014
People who study shippers said senders and receivers of freight want predictability — even as the economy and technology change rapidly...[More]
Who needs paper? Mobile apps provide proof of delivery
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 14, 2014
For many years, it seemed like no job in the transportation industry was finished until the paperwork was done...[More]
ATRI looking for input on smart roadside technologies
Fleet Owner, January 14, 2014
The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) is hosting an interactive webinar on Jan. 23 to learn more about the Smart Roadside Initiative (SRI) and provide feedback on the technologies needed to implement SRI...[More]
ELD, Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Proposals Imminent, Ferro Says
Transport Topics, January 14, 2014
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is close to releasing proposals to require electronic logging devices in all trucks and to establish a clearinghouse of positive drug and alcohol tests for truck drivers, Administrator Anne Ferro said...[More]
U.S. EPA Issues Guidance Letter on Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 14, 2014
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued a guidance letter late last year to heavy-duty on-highway engine manufacturers outlining how it intends to determine the physical range of adjustment of diesel exhaust fluid quality for certification testing, according to DiscoverDEF.com...[More]
Does More Fuel Data Make You Smarter?
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 13, 2014
Data can't improve your bottom line all by itself, no matter how much you have...[More]
Annual Sales of Nat Gas Trucks and Buses Expected to Reach 400,000 by 2022
Transport Topics, January 13, 2014
Worldwide annual sales of natural-gas trucks and buses are expected to rise to nearly 400,000 in 2022, according to a recent report...[More]
Study: New rest-time rules to drive up trucking costs
The Times and Democrat, January 12, 2014
Nearly three out of five companies responding to a survey by the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute think new federal regulations mandating rest time for truckers could lead to greater transportation costs...[More]
Smarter shops: 4 ways to upgrade maintenance technology
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 9, 2014
When considering all of the options to enhance or upgrade your fleet management systems, the applications in the office and mobile environment will likely take priority over those in the maintenance bay...[More]
Illinois Increases Speed Limit to 70 MPH
Transport Topics, January 2, 2014
Most freeways in Illinois have a new maximum speed limit of 70 mph as of Jan. 1, the Illinois Department of Transportation reports...[More]
Truckers in Connecticut now required to clear snow, ice
Fleet Owner, January 2, 2014
With the northeast expected to receive up to a foot of snow today and tomorrow, the state of Connecticut has a new law on its books of which truckers must be aware...[More]
Bi-fuel test drive: A new way into the natural gas game?
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 2, 2014
A road test and first-hand accounts of experience with natural gas retrofit fuel systems and glider kits reveal interesting possibilities for cost-minded truck fleets...[More]
ELogs, Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Top Rules List for 2014
Heavy Duty Trucking, January 2, 2013
Trucking will go into 2014 with two major safety proposals pending: electronic logs and a searchable database containing the results of driver drug and alcohol tests...[More]
FMCSA looking for input on entry-level carrier testing
Commercial Carrier Journal, January 2, 2014
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is holding a listening session Jan. 13 in Nashville, Tenn., to seek input from industry stakeholders and the public at large on the entry level motor carrier testing rule it must craft, stipulated by the MAP-21 highway funding act...[More]



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