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Truck Parking

Trucking industry stakeholders have long recognized the role of safe, secure and available truck parking in mitigating truck driver fatigue.  A lack of truck parking creates additional safety risks when drivers are forced to park on roadway shoulders or ramps to comply with hours-of-service regulations.  In light of recent state budgetary woes and the subsequent closing of several public rest areas, it is likely that already scarce available truck parking spaces have likely declined in several areas of the country.  Through the use of ITS, stakeholders hope to provide truck drivers with real-time and accurate information on both the availability and location of private and public sector available parking spaces.  In addition to FMCSA’s SmartPark initiative, the I-95 Corridor Coalition is currently testing a truck parking ITS system based on video imaging.

Additional Information

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I-95 Corridor Coalition, Truck Parking Initiativehttp://i95coalition.net/i95/Projects/ProjectDatabase/tabid/120/agentType/View/PropertyID/316/Default.aspx

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